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Century Masters! [Aug. 12th, 2006|07:02 am]
Swingkids Community Updates


This is an astounding line-up and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most of us. You would have to be insane to live anywhere near Seattle and miss this event.

Century Ballroom presents...
Masters of Lindy Hop & Tap
August 16-20, 2006

Skip Cunningham
Dawn Hampton
Jeni LeGon
Frankie Manning
Norma Miller
Sugar Sullivan
Chester Whitmore
Chazz Young

I would especially encourage newer Lindy Hoppers to make it to this event, because there are only so many chances to connect with the original generation.

A quick rundown for the week:
wed - meet/greet/dance to Ham Carson Quintet (ALL AGES)
thur - Intimate dinner w/ the Masters and young talent showcase. Dancing at Russian Center
fri - classes begin in the evening. Dance to Solomon Swingtet (21+) & dancing at Velocity (for all ages w/ national djs) AND after hours all ages at HALO.
sat - classes and norma's documentary and panels. THE MASTERS EXHIBITION (DON'T MISS THIS) Then dancing (crossed fingers) to Opus 1 Chester Whitmore's band (21+) , dancing in Velocity and at halo for after hours.
sun - lots o' lindy classes, tap classes, jeni legon's documentary. dancing to 2 live bands (all ages) Solomon's Swingtet AND Ham Carson Quartet.